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Hello anyone who attended Mundella fr...

Mundella School » Where are they now? » Hello anyone who attended Mundella from 1978 to 1983 - this is a really long one!!! « Previous Next »

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Username: Janblan

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Registered: 10-2010

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Posted on Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 12:32 am:   

Hi Vicky,
i remember you and your sister caroline I was in the year below you. I have an older brother Rob who left in 1982. Glad to hear you are doing well. I remember some of the teachers too, although I feel with the school closing in my 4th year my education suffered, we have 9 different teachers for one subject! Anyway don't know if you will get this as your message was done 7 years ago. Janet
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Christine Preedy nee Beckworth

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Posted on Thursday, January 02, 2003 - 08:53 am:   

Hi everyone!

Remember me? Having just read the guestbook and the message board has brought to mind many names and faces I thought I had forgotten, afterall it nearly 20 years since we left the good old place. Its quite a shame the building no longer stands.
I lived on Glapton Road and both my sister Susan and my brother Stephen attended Mundella before it closed and the pupils transfered to Wilford Meadows. Simon Jurczyszyn and Lee Heywood lived further up, the Platkiews lived around the corner on Wilford Crescent, so did Tina James. Richard Clark and his family at the grocers shop on the corner of Woolmer Road on which Nusrat Malik lived and Holygate Road. Although I can't remember exactly where, Kay Davis lived over near Queens Drive. The Lanes up the top at Bathley Street and Andrea Barrett on Humber Close at the other end of Wilford Crescent and Kenny Anderson up on Osier Road. Those are just a few people I remember.

One of the things I do remember, was during the first year when we were doing science with Mr Sudbury. I remember, we were testing some substance in test tubes over the bunsen burners when I let out a mighty yelp cause Simon Jurczyszyn jabbed me on my behind with red hot tongs. I must have jumped a mile. Now I sit back and laugh at the memory.

Hello Vicky. How are you doing? How's Caroline? I heard from her a little while ago after she spotted me on the Freinds Reunited website.

It would be good to hear from anyone who knows me or remembers me.
Hope to hear from you soon
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Vicky Antcliff

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Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 07:03 pm:   

Just to let anyone know -I'll be moving to Edinburgh by June 2002! I'm moving with my job, so if anyone wants to get in touch, you can email me at work on

Vicky Antcliff (nee Varney)
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julie lane

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Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001 - 02:27 pm:   

Hello Henrietta Leeshue,
Yes, I remember you too! Do you remember when we went on the school trip to France? I thought I saw you recently with a baby; let me know. Email address Best Wishes Julie (Dawn) Lane
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Henrietta Leeshue

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Posted on Monday, October 15, 2001 - 04:36 am:   

Hi, I remember all you guys you know:
Mark Stevenson, Julie Lane, Mark Patterson, Ian Sylvester, Samantha Graham, Graham Kirk, Martin Styles, Narinder Bassi, Lesley Tucker, Suhail Umar (I think), and who could forget Vivinne Whiteley!? (You all know what Im talking about - sorry Vivinne - not really!!) and Robin Whitehead to name but a few. Teachers: well, not allowed to post horrid memories are we so I wont. But you know how it is when you've been picked on (or felt that you have) or better still if you've been singled out to receive 'good' attention - whatever the hell that is? Did anyone ever experience any positive attention from any of the teachers during our time? Educationally speaking, I think we were let down and had to make our own way. What do you guys think? Anyway.... live life, enjoy it, I am!!
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Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001 - 10:03 pm:   

Hello Vicky

I lost Carolines number so please get in touch via my email

Look forward to it

Nina :o)
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edna leeshue

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Posted on Sunday, October 14, 2001 - 04:07 am:   

Hello Vicky I think I remember you.It's Edna Leeshue.I am a bit older than youbut I do remember Jacqui Styles.I was her sister's best friend at school.Jennifer Styles.Well they both live in London now.Next time I contact Jen I will let her know about you and get Jacqui to contact the web site.
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Jackie Hague

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Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2001 - 12:40 am:   

Hello Vicky, I could not find my name on the list and wondered if you have forgotten me. Little Jackie Hague (now Harris). I remembered all on the list and have fond memories of attending Mundella. I remember walking home with you when the buses stopped running because of the snow.

Drop me a line

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Stan Hammersley

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Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2001 - 07:00 am:   

AUSTRALIAN MUNDELLANS. Ihave had the good fortune to contact several old Mundellans living in Australia..A meeting is being arranged. Anyone interested please contact me on Best wishes Stan Hammersley.
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Vicky Antcliff ne Varney

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Posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2001 - 07:23 pm:   

Hi there!

My name is Vicky Antcliff (nee Varney). I attended Mundella between these dates, with my twin sister Caroline. We also had an older sister Elaine, who came from Clifton Hall to Mundella when it was a grammar school (the good old days eh??)

Anyway, I am married, have two boys of 9 and 2 years, and work at the British Geological Survey at Keyworth, Nottingham. Funnily enough I live in Wilford Village, near the site of the new Emmanuel School (incidentally, my older son will be going there)!!

I remember lots of folk - I'll list...
Sarah Taylor
Maria Kirwan (she was my best friend and I haven't seen or heard from her in years. Last heard of in London, wonder if her family still own property on Wilford Crescent or Bathley Street)
Peter Angel (ooh, all the girls fancied him - last time I heard he was working in the long closed Redmayne & Todd)
Paul and Gary Dilks (Gary - I remember his haircut very well)
Zoe Nurse
Lee Wood (Lee is a hairdresser and does my mother-in-laws hair, surprise....he was always dying his hair just like Gary Numan, completing the look with a Gary Numan boiler suit...and he used to punch us girls from time to time)!
Richard Clarke ((all the girls fancied him rotten)
Anthony Pownall
Jacqui Styles
Michele Pennant (plus Pennant family)!
Greg Jackson (not in my year but I knew of him - and he worked at British Geological Survey in teh past
Jackie Green
Vernonica Dore plus twin sister Anita!
Debra Coventry (married Clive!!! Haven't seen her since I left school and I was very good friends with her at one time - wonder how her brother is doing...I remember her mum having him, and me feeding him chocolate pudding..all over the place it was)!
Kay Davis (last saw at a party yonks ago)
Sylvia Edwards (working in QMC - saw her a couple of years ago, meant to keep in touch but you know how it is when you've got children etc)
Tracey Rolfe (has she gone to Australia now? I remember seeing her in West Bridgford a few years ago and hardly recognised her - she had long hair!!)
Anita Miller (Anita was one of the prettiest girls in my year, or so I thought anyway. I last saw her at the Embankment Fair donkey's years ago, but she didn't see me)
Simon Entwistle (Simon was an Adam Ant freak...used to really get on my nerves as I hated Adam Ant, not Simon though!!)
Tina Lane (Anita Millers best friend at one time - used to live with her Gran who had a couple of lovely dogs)
Karen Lane
Kelvin Hepburn
Judy Duggins
Nina Sati and sister Sonia (my sister Caroline saw them recently and meant to keep in touch but they haven't)
Kenny Anderson
Peter Alcock (Peter had an unfortunate name)
Paul Wetherbed
Karl Fieldhouse (I used to see him loads when he worked at Makro, since gone up North to get married I believe)!

Teachers I remember:
Mr Esslemont (he used to get really close to you when speaking French with all those horrible throaty noises. Used to make me feel ill)!
Mr Nettleship (I was scared of his "just escaped from jail" look but all in all he wasn't really a bad bloke
Mme Antenouris
Mr Sudbury (who could forget his shoes....leather punched brogues)!
Mr Hawkins
Mrs Matters (I was in her class for the first year, and remember that she used to make us all come back at the end of the day to say prayers. Her husband used to be the vicar of that church on Derby Road near Cottesmore school)
Mr Kay (he was a weird man, short with a tweedie jacket, a funny thespian style beard and constantly smoked a pipe! Wouldn't be allowed nowdays. Me and a few freinds used to help out in the library during lunchtimes to get out of the cold, and built a den in the back room of the library out of old books!)
Mr Beaumont (lovely Geordie accent)!
Mrs Hurst (dragon of a chemistry teacher but very good all the same)
Mr Lawson (strict too)
Mrs Windsor (small games teacher, who used to stand and stare at us all in the showers...not a pleasant memory)

My twin sister and I have very fond memories of Mundella. I think it integrated us into society a bit more as we had led rather sheltered lives (we were called snobs when we first arrived at Mundella, as we came from Wollaton Park area of Nottm). It taught us that not everyone stands in an orderly queue...sometimes you have to push and shove to get what you want!!!(remember the bell in the morning, and the rush to get into school up those steps???)

Anyway, if anyone remembers me or my sister(s), please leave a message on this board. I'd love to hear from anyone at all!!!


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