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Name: Sheenagh Pugh
Homepage: Sheenagh Pugh
Date Posted: 06/29/00 11:37:18 BST
Just read your message, Stuart Cumberpatch. I used to fancy you something rotten, but I don't suppose you noticed! I was at Mundella from about 1965 to 68 and recall the same people Stuart does. Anyone know what became of Anna Cortens? I read German and Russian (influence of the adorable Dr Kusminskas) at Bristol after that - horrible place, Bristol - then moved to Cardiff to work in the civil service, which gave me quite a lot of time to write as well. I also became a trade union activist during the 70s (the enemy within). I've been married for 23 years (got over you in the end, Stuart) and have 2 children. I teach creative writing at the University of Glamorgan now, write poems and novels and waste ages on the Net, especially my web site.

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Date Posted: 06/24/00 06:06:18 BST

Name: Joyce Tantum (as was, now Pugh)
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Date Posted: 06/22/00 18:45:45 BST
CORRECTION to e-mail address posted previously. Correct address accompanies this message.

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Date Posted: 06/21/00 13:30:34 BST
Hi to everyone who remembers me, this is great a Mundella Website. Thankyou Annette nee Teasdale. Annette and I have been in constant touch since we left school.

I attended Mundella from 1959-64. Lots of my cousins did at various times as well. I'm an another 'Blodge Lab Axelotl Feeder' - Hi Rowena, please contact me or anyone else who remembers me, and Valerie Snell Hi.

I remember, this ones for Rowena - your very very very straight hair and the Hills and Dales?

The Haunted Steam Roller, seances, Tilly Townsend and her paisley patterns (mangos) - yep I got an A at O level even though she said I was useless at Art, Phillip Shatzburger singing Are You Lonesome Tonight? Dear Mr Hallam and the Hallelujah Chorus, foggy hockey fields and smelly, horrible showers, The Tuck Shop Van, the good old blodge lab and The Dripping Tap Treatment, potted meat cobs and crisp and red raw liver and axelotles, singing all the songs from 'Summer Holiday', Rowena's smurfs, Iolanthe, lunchtime discos, snowballs filled with lumps of coke(the coal kind), berets, walking around Trent Bridge even though it was out-of-bounds, fierce Dolly Onions and mild Miss Crossley and her readings of Silas Marner - yawn! the History club and lots and lots more wonderful memories but not the exam kind!

So sorry to have missed the reunion any chance in getting together again, even if it's a few of us?

I came to London 30 years ago and married a journalist Harvey, who unfortunately died in 1991, I have two daughters 18 and 20 both thespians. I work as an ICT Technician in a school, and part-time I work for a choir and a theatre production company.

I will sign off now and hope somebody will contact me love to hear. It's a shame some people did not enjoy school as much as I did, socially it was great and I did know I learnt a lot even though I never thought so!


Name: Joyce Tantum (as was, now Pugh)
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Date Posted: 06/20/00 19:35:08 BST
How wonderful to hear the old school song played again (even if I don't remember all the words!). I was at Mundella from 1932 to 1935 and well remember Sammy Clark who taught music. And Mr Thomas (very Welsh) who organised an Eisteddfod every year.

Is there anyone out there who remembers me, I wonder? If so, please do get in touch using my son's email address. Looking forward to finding out.

Name: Steve Adcock
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 06/15/00 21:56:22 BST
Had to get in next to John Williams. We spent infants, juniors, and Mundella sitting next to each other. (I was John's little friend). And it's easy to remember my forms...2B, 3B, 4B, 5B (B for bottom). There seemed to be two forms for clever folk, one for the football / hockey team, one for those who tried but couldn't quite hack it, and one for us!!!
We organised a 20 year reunion in 1986 and it was as if no time had passed at all. Definitely some bonding went on during 1961 - 66.
Still live in Nottingham, still look out the window if I have to attend a course in a classroom. Always worked with computers, despite Mrs Andrews telling us we'd be lucky to be dustbinmen. Big into cycling, motorbikes, and beer. Not always at the same time.

Name: John Williams
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 06/11/00 22:28:01 BST
I attended the school from 1961-1966.I can't remember the forms I was in[mostly bottom ones!]My nickname was Bonehead!!!
I married Angela Jackson,who was a pupil at the same time.We have been married for 30 years.
Although I invented the phrase "underachiever" I am very proud of my old school,and I think there was something about it which made it unique.Esprit de corps comes to mind!!!
I would love to hear from any of my peers,especially the "rockers"who went to school on motor-bikes and sneaked into the school disco early to avoid paying[was it 3d?]

Name: Ian Devonport
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 06/11/00 21:06:54 BST
I was there between 1968 and 1975, along with David Boddy and Alan Coulthard who both told me of this web site at the recent Trent Bridge test match. Wish I could remember the words to the school song - nostalgia makes school days seem better than I thought they were at the time, I enjoyed the informal games of football on the tennis courts during break times, but I'd rather not have been in school.
I did meet two of the geography teacher's, Keith Davies and Harry Hawkins some years later when they were at a school in Sutton In Ashfield - but best of all was seeing "Whack" running along Main Road, Wilford doing a cross country run when he was in charge of the youth team at Notts County - he looked completely knackered and was down to almost walking pace. I also knew Joe Hallam up until he moved over to France.

Name: Alan Coulthard
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Date Posted: 06/05/00 11:45:13 BST
I was at Mundella from 1968-75 (Forms 1R, 2R, 3V, 4Sc1, 5Sc1, 6LA and 6UA. From the staff, I remember Mick Walker as a fearsome P.E. Master, "Fangy" Jackson (Physics teacher) Roy "Spike" Nettleship a wonderful character who taught Maths, "Dot" McLeod (English), Trevor Lightbown (History), Mr. Jacobs (who could put the fear of God into you!) and "Noddy" Hoard (the Deputy Head).

Pupils I recall were "Dick" Szall (a crazy Polish lad), Steve "Olly" Aulsebrook (who once did an amazing presentation about Hitler!) Ivan Dolynskyj, Richard Bramley, Guy Maishman, Tony Arnold and "Spot" Holcombe.

I keep in touch with Andy Marshall (now in Singapore), David Boddy (a debntist in Herts) and Ian Devonport (now in Ireland).

Name: susan cliff (nee jackson)
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 06/04/00 08:36:50 BST
i went to mundella 1967-1972 in classes 1s,2s,3h,4a2,5a2 would love to hear from old classmates e.g.sue mansell,bev nam,karen lees,and others.

Name: Paul Badger
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Date Posted: 05/29/00 10:14:42 BST
I was at Mundella from 1966-1972. Nowadays I am a Chemistry teacher in Norwich. Nostalgia rules in reading a page like this!

Name: Valerie Dwyer
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Date Posted: 05/28/00 15:41:31 BST
Came back for a brief visit today. Sorry to hear that some others did not have the fantastic schooldays my pals and I enjoyed between 1959-65. For those with a vivid imagination this Fothergill Watson? building was an architectural treasure. Demolition was a criminal act! Though the same could not be said for the prefab blocks were we studied art with 'Tilly' Townson. The teachers were variously gems or stern authoritarians, depending on your viewpoint, aptitude, attitude and behaviour, but if you pulled your weight all was right with the world. Like many others before and after me, Barton Hart helped me develop a love of all music, especially the classics. Mrs Houseman encouraged my love of literature and writing, correctly predicting that I would develop my writing in later life.
Encouragement, belief in the possible - some of the key characteristics of our teachers then, although I'm sure few of us realised at the time. Having to speak French from the moment our erstwhile head Mr Moody entered the room to take French has, I believe, done little harm. I still lapse into French when not concentrating. Any other memories from 1959-1965?

Name: Tony Arnold
Homepage: Anthony Arnold.Flutemaker
Date Posted: 05/28/00 15:12:10 BST
I was at Mundella in the early 70s.It was a dump
with some nice people in it.I live in Nottingham with
my partner Wendy,and we have a Helen and a

Name: Anthony Arnold
Date Posted: 05/27/00 17:25:58 BST

Name: Ray Hall
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 05/23/00 11:30:06 BST
I am so please that the old school name is still alive and remembered.

I was a pupil from 1959 to 1962 (Left a year early!!)
Since I left Nottingham in 1962 I lost contact with all my old friends.

I understand that a reunion or two has taken place overthe last few years. Has anyone any information on future reunions.

I do look forward to any contact from anyone who might have known me.

Name: Valerie Dwyer
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 05/18/00 12:49:57 BST
Fabulous! Found the site today thanks to my old Mundellan pal and best-selling childrens' author Rowena Edlin-White. No time to study other contributions and site - will do for homework.

If anyone knows whereabouts of Ann Sharp, Madelaine Folkett and others from 1959-65 - please get in touch.

Has anyone a full school photograph from any year between 1959-1965 - my era?

I still have my copies of the school magazine which could be scanned and e-mailed if this is of interest to anyone. One features some of Rowena's earliest work - does anyone remember CAT?

One of my companies is very active in rich media and interactive virtual and visual web technology development and I hope we may contribute something worthwhile to the site at some point.

By the way, is the scool anthem supposed to ring out when we enter - only I heard nothing.

Keep up the contributions everyone.


Best wishes

Valerie Dwyer (nee Snell)

Name: Rowena Edlin-White
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 05/16/00 19:15:55 BST
Brilliant! A Mundellan website! I was at Mundella 1959-1964 - hi, Annette! I was one of the 'blodge lab' axelotl-feeders too! I went to Mundella because my Dad and several aunts had been there before me, but alas, I didn't shine as they did. Several teachers were still there who taught them: Barton Hart, Mr Holbrook, Doris Barlow and Dolly Onions (we used to sing a rhyme about her which finished, "...her face like a squashed tomato, her legs like tree trunks." Poor dear.
I was in Jo Hallam's choir and school productions: 'The White Sheep of the Family' and 'Iolanthe' - the only fairy whose hair wouldn't curl...
I was in detention almost every night because I was always late for school - it became a joke with the prefects. I left ignominiously at 16 for a drama course at Clarendon from where via the public libraries I went to Drama School in 1968 and into the theatre and TV for 15 years (greatest claim to fame working as a fire eater's assistant and appearing as a baby-snatcher on Z-Cars).
Now I write books, am a Lay reader in the Church of England and am studying for a Ph.D at Nottm Uni. Married to Rob who trains computer programmers, no kids. I see Steve Wright (aka Stephen Lowe) occasionally, and Val Dwyer (nee Snell)
A few years ago I attended a reunion at the Albert Hall. Glyn Lowth was there and Baz Harwood but not many others from my era. They auctioned off all these badges that had been lying around somewhere - we bought badges for the things we were useless at and I got to be a Prefect!
Can't believe how many of you have gone to Canada and US I'm following for a short time this year as I have a Fellowship in Children's Lit at University of New Brunswick. Love to hear from any who remember me...

Name: Sheila Holmes (nee WALLACE)
Homepage: Hotmail
Date Posted: 05/09/00 18:56:07 BST
I was at school from 1939-1944. I wasn't evacuated to Stamford. I was in Welbeck house. Several old girls and boys from that period meet every 3 months or so for a pub lunch. We tend to find the men more easily, the girls are generally more difficult simply because of a change of surname. WHERE ARE YOU ALL??

Name: Colin smith
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 04/27/00 18:24:35 BST
Hi there

My nane is Colin smith and i attended Mundella between the years of 1938-1978. i work in the IT industry as a computer course advisor and still live in Nottinghamshire. any old classmates out there please drop me a line.

Name: Caroline Wheatley
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 04/25/00 07:30:08 BST
I was at Mundella from 1969-1976 and have many happy memories of that time. I am married and still living in Nottingham working as a computer operator at the local Magistrates' Court. I would love to hear from anybody who was at Mundella at the same time as would my sister, Margaret, who was at Mundella from 1971-1976. She also still lives in Nottingham and is married with two children. Any e-mails to me and I will pass them on to her.

Name: Annette Ashley (Nee Teasdale)
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 04/21/00 21:46:21 BST
I attended Mundella from 1959 to 1964 and was thrilled to find this website, as it brought back many fond memories of my time there. I remember in particular Kathleen Backen, Ann Kirk, Rowena White, Marion Powell, Susan Ward, Elaine Stainsby and Marilyn Torz, with whom I have remained in touch.
We looked after the fish in the "blodge" lab, feeding and cleaning them out at lunchtimes. The two axolotls were lovingly hand-fed by us, with strips of raw liver which we collected each day from the local butcher. The perk of this duty was that we could spend the whole of the lunch-break in the warmth of the "blodge" lab, instead of being out in the cold quad.
I was fascinated by Miss (Dolly) Onions plaited bun hairdo, it never moved once in my five years there, and Miss Winfield, who used to bring her tabby cat to school on her shoulder! I remember Mr Hunt's great history lessons, Mr Martin, Mr Seabrook, Mr Mitchell, Miss Crossley,Mr Hallam, Mr Howe, and "Tilly" Townsend' whose geography lessons I dreaded.Mrs Houseman, bless her, who kept me in an endless supply of (out of date) second-hand uniforms (my embarrassment at the "F" for free on my dinner tickets!)
I remember the smell of rows of wet maroon gaberdine macs (with secret pockets) in the cloakrooms on rainy days, oblong chunks of pink carbolic soap on the old washroom sinks, and the ancient ascot heaters. The arrival of the new communal showers horrified us girls,(especially the late developers!)
I made no major impact on Mundella school, my two crimes being the threat of the cane from Mr Moody, for eating ice-cream in the street, and a detention for walking home without wearing my beret.The prefects hid in shop doorways on route to the bus stop, if I remember correctly.Ah, happy days!!!
I left Nottingham in 1969, to marry a Londoner.I now live in south east London and we have two daughters. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me, I don't visit Nottingham very much these days but I keep in touch with my family there.
All the best with the website, I hope it goes from strength to strength.......GO FORWARD!!!

Annette Ashley.

Name: Stuart Cumberpatch
Homepage: The Kennet Sheiks
Date Posted: 04/17/00 11:57:04 BST
A virtual Mundella! Fantastic! Hooks to hang our pasts on, codes to unlock those misty memories, names to conjure with! I was there from 1961 to 1968 and percolated gently up through Forms 1D, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X*, 6LA and 6UA. In ’68 I was Boys’ Vice-Captain (sic!) and recipient of the War Memorial Prize, which was presented to me on Speech Day in the Albert Hall by some grey municipal dignitary, I think. The red and cream bookplate (“Lest we forget”) still proudly adorns the front endpaper of my copy of J. V. Stalin’s “Problems of Leninism”… Ah, the follies of youth.
* 5X was: Paul Beaumont; Herbert Brothwell; Leonora Collishaw; Anna Cortens; Susan Cragg; Lynne Cranwell; The Author Of These Lines; Chris Donellan; Niall Durkin; Margaret Etchells, Nick Featherstone; Colin Gell; Richard Griffin, Martin Hardy; Graham Hibberd; Susan Hickling; Sheila Mitchell; Paul Pearson; Suzanne Perkins; Victoria Prus; Sheenagh Pugh; Andrew Roughton; Helen Scholey; Richard Shipley, Graham Slack; Stephanie Smallwood (whom I subsequently married, and eventually divorced!); Audrey Spalton; Janice Taylor; Stuart Thompson; Philip Voce; John Whitaker; and Sandra Whitney. With apologies for errors and omissions! I also have lists of suspects for 1965’s 5K, 5A and 5B, if anyone’s interested.
Mundella’s French and German teachers must have done a good job: I went on to do a degree in French (Reading & Université de Paris VIII Vincennes) and have been a translator and interpreter ever since. The school’s execrable collection of musical instruments also meant that I was to play one chord on an acoustic guitar for approx. 3 minutes during a music lesson, sometime in 1963 I think, so I naturally became a blues guitarist (check out and buy the CD!).

Name: Steve Simpson
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 04/10/00 12:23:16 BST
great to find a web-site for Mundella. I was there from 1961 to 1967. I can remember lunchtimes spent down trent embankment, the friday disco's, the bread van at break. I'm now working for BT and living in Derbyshire.I was recently contacted by Chris Wright who has organised a year book, many faces from the past. Hope to hear from you out there

Name: Wendy Garner (Nee Passmore)
Homepage: mundella
Date Posted: 04/09/00 15:06:17 BST
I attended Mundella from 1960 - 1965. I remember Paul Smith, Alan Harvey, David Wagner, Julia Hufton, Linda Denton, Glenys Boam (most of whom were in my class during my final year). Does anyone remember 'Dolly' Onions, maths teacher, a very good aim with the blackboard rubber! I still live in Nottingham and work for the NHS as a clerical officer in a health centre. I am married and have 2 daughters.

Name: Bill Dennis
Homepage: N/A
Date Posted: 04/08/00 13:34:17 BST
Congratulations on your web-site but your Guest Book would be even more interesting to me if only one of my contemporaries called. As my term was 1930-36 it is most unlikely what with our ages …. and the war! I will not name the teachers of that era as I see that the names of only two of them have appeared in your book, Barton Hart and Holbrook and your readers would not recognise the rest, from the Head, R.B. Wight through to "Ma" Mosley et al. After 6 years as a RAF Navigator I returned to Nottingham and took up Town Planning there, and elsewhere, in both public and private sectors. I last visited the old school in about 1985, I suppose it was,to protest against the projected closure. I was amazed to see that a panoramic photo, taken in 1936, was still displayed 50 years later on a wall of theUpper Hall.!
Bill Dennis, Billericay, Essex

Name: Carl Needham
Homepage: Needham
Date Posted: 04/07/00 12:15:49 BST
Good to get linked to Mundellans of old. I attended from 1974 - 79 at the end of one of the many Mundella eras - the time when it went from Grammar to Comprehensive (1976)and a lot of the old traditions started to wane. I think this change heralded the demise of the school as it became just another school.
Look forward to hearing more of the old place.

Name: David Boddy
Homepage: http.//
Date Posted: 04/05/00 18:21:08 BST
Attended between 1967-75. Happy memories of a (mostly) wonderful time, except when being slippered by "Whack"!
Answer to query about Cecil Roberts Travel Prize.
It was an annual(voluntary)general knowledge examination. The winner(s) were expected to use the prize money - up to £200 for travelling abroad (you would never have guessed!)

Name: Andy Lees
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 04/02/00 13:31:13 BST
Great to see this Website.
At Mundella from 1970 to 75.
Back to living in Nottingham, Chartered Civil Engineer working for Nottinghamshire County Council, married with two lads.
Would love to hear from Clive Hallett or Andrew Meashman who I believe are still in the USA.

Name: Jonathan Hopkinson
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 04/01/00 15:38:51 BST
I was there from 73-78, but have since lost touch with everyone. Would like to hear from any contemporaries with gossip!
I'm now living in Corsham, Wilts with a wife + 2 kids, and am helping mobile phones take over the world.
Excellent idea to start a web site.
(Regarding the Cecil Roberts Travel Prize, I won it based upon a written General Knowledge test. I received a 100 pound contribution towards a trip to the USSR - quite an adventure in those days!)

Name: Jeff Arden
Homepage: n/a
Date Posted: 03/31/00 16:01:21 BST
I was at Mundella from 1969 - 1976 ( the last 6th form ). Good to hear from Keith and Wilf. Any body remember "The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew" - it was me ! I teach in a comp in Norwich now. Great memories of many students and staff. I owe Joe Hallam so much.Anybody out there who remembers me, do get in touch.

Name: Neil (Wilf) Willetts
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 03/31/00 15:02:22 BST
I was at Mundella from 1969 to 1974 in 1s,2s,3j,4scii and 5scii previously having gone to Trent Bridge junior school and Colgate infants and having lived in the Meadows for many years - now living in Bingham
I still see some the people that I went to school with now and then
The old schools gone now except the old liabrary and there doesnt seem to be any refence books or pictures to celebrate the place - which was a bloody good school with good teachers such as Joe Hallam,Mr Ward, Captain Baggott (the indestructable),Miss Perry,Mr Walker(Wack) and many more

Name: Stephen Sobol
Homepage: SOBOL HOME
Date Posted: 03/26/00 16:37:44 BST
Well if Mick stands up I guess the rest of us will have to follow...<p>
I was at Mundella from 1965-72 and married Marguerite (Taylor) who was also there and we now have two daughters. We recall with affection those teachers that gave us so much... "Perhaps a career in coal mining Mr. Sobol..." and "as soon as it becomes useful it becomes boring" [Baggott, personal communication, 1972]; "Recite the french verb Je" [name witheld].<p>
I picked up a PhD in 1980 and became an academic - having spent so long in the education system there was little else left. These days things are distinctly digital - and I know, I really must do something with my homepage.<p>
Marguerite went on to do Latin at Birmingham (though when I asked her the other day to translate the faculty motto "Why do we bother?" into latin she was not much help) and became a medical librarian at Leeds University. She now runs an OXFAM shop.<p>
We were both members of the elite band that regularly travelled on the Number 8 bus with a conductor who would sometimes suggest increases in the levels of both dignity AND decorum.<p>
The Speech days, The Bell Inn, Victrix Ludorum, Mr. Moody, Mr. Hoard, "Daddy" Dakin, Mrs. Houseman, Mr. Howe, Mr. Snyd. The Co-op baker's van. The crass cross-country. The Mundellan. The long photographs. The Memorial Hall. <p>
Looking back, you have to say the staff gave generously. I'm not sure they deserve being remembered by this <a href="">QTVR movie</a> of The School Photograph - May 1969 but then... they should have known...<p>

Name: Michael Rose
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 03/26/00 11:06:09 BST
I was at Mundella from 1964-1971/2. A couple of years after we left the 6th form a few of us got together for a dinner, which was named the 'Heather Dinner'. We have held one each year since then - the last being the 25th (I think) - the others are (plus various partners) - Chris Arnold, Anthony Arnold, Steve & Margi (nee Taylor) Sobol, Paul Badger, Joy Mottram. Also for a few years before she went to Canada - Sue Caporn. I am married (1983) and live in Reading - having moved from Nottingham to London - Bournemouth - Hove - Birmingham. I am a Management Consultant with Arthur Andersen.

Name: Josephine Bywater (nee Dexter)
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 03/25/00 19:43:26 GMT
I attended the old school from 1953-58. I married, and emigrated to Toronto Canada in 1967, I have two children, and currently live in Victoria, British Columbia. I still have the panoramic school picture, with fond memories of playing field hockey on frozen pitches. I can still sing the school song.

Name: Susan (nee HALLAM) Kotowicz
Homepage: Memories
Date Posted: 03/25/00 10:22:44 GMT
I attended Mundella from 1961 til 1966,with not too many fond memories.Lots of good pals including Glynis Walsh,Pat Murphin,etc.
I went in to secretarial work at the old General Hospital in Nottingham,Married a man who attended the Becket School across the river from us ,in 1972,had 2 daughters,Rebecca and Vikki and still live in the city.I,d love to hear from others who attended during that period..please send E-mails to above address

Name: Jacqui Carnell, nee Woolley.
Homepage: n/a
Date Posted: 03/24/00 10:14:26 GMT
I was one of the last pupil's at Mundella, I was there from 1981-1985. I am married with 3 children. It's quite strange how many of you have gone to America, we are seriously considering it. I would love to hear from old friend's and teacher's. Some Teacher's I remember are, Mr.Sudbury, Mr.Jones, Mrs.Jones, Mr.Urwin, Mrs.Bell, Mrs.perssell. I always remember thinking it was quite cool having that big school all to our-self's at the end. I also remember them filming Shine On Harvey Moon at the school in 1985.

Name: Joyce and Bill Tyson
Homepage: Not got one
Date Posted: 03/23/00 18:58:12 GMT
Old friends can email

Name: Sue Simpson
Date Posted: 03/17/00 03:52:05 GMT
(nee NEEDHAM) I attended Mundella 1963 - 1968, along with my brother, Andrew (1965 - 1970) and my sister, Linda (1966 - 1971). Would love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. I'm currently living in California after moving to the states 20 years ago.

Name: ian bennett
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 03/16/00 20:44:21 GMT
1970 - 1975 following in my brother's footsteps (Graham). i remember cross country and hated it too. I remember my class mates - Alec Quale, Bryan Wall, Anita Gunn, Sheryl Pink, Benjamin Bestwick, 'Hot Dog' Melvyn Clarke, Kevin Cooper, Parvin Shukla, David Willis, 'Bryl' and more. and teachers i'd probably rather forget!

Name: Bob Woolsey
Homepage: Bob's Homepage
Date Posted: 03/15/00 22:01:17 GMT
Studied 1965-1972. My Dad before me. My 2 older brothers also studied for A levels after attending another Nottingham secondary school up to O levels.

Name: Keith Bignall
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 03/14/00 13:04:03 GMT
I was a Mundellan from 1969 - 1974 and still live in
Nottingham. I can still remember to this day the R.E.
teacher Mr Mitchell drawing a chalk face on the sole
of a dancing slipper,then outside the staff room on the second floor whacking my backside with it and
leaving a smilely face for everyone to see. Aah
those were the days. I was in Thorsby House,(green)
Classes 1G,2G,3Y,4S1,5S1 ,useless at sport and god I hated doing Cross-Country around the Embankment.

Name: June Gardner (nee Chappell)
Homepage: None
Date Posted: 03/14/00 13:03:14 GMT
Congratulations to whoever created this page!
Memories of Barton Hart, Pop Calder, Messrs. Stacey, Reynolds, Dakin, & Holbrook flood my mind.
I attended Mundella from 1953 - 1958 went into Secretarial work and then psychiatric nursing at Saxendale Hospital- that's been demolished too I believe. In 1966 I hitchhiked to Australia and have had a varied and interesting life primarily as a Management Consultant - now semi-retired.This is taking "Old Scholars" into the 21st Century.

Name: Chris Noble
Homepage: The Nobles
Date Posted: 03/14/00 08:44:53 GMT
I was at Mundella 1961 to 1967. When I first started, I remember being over-awed by the fact that there were THREE halls! I didn't stay on for the sixth form, leaving to go into the building trade. That didn't last long and I soon found myself working in the computer industry. I'm now an analyst/programmer at Torbay Council, Devon, UK.

Name: David Binch
Homepage: Welcome To Lincoln Canine Society
Date Posted: 03/13/00 23:45:13 GMT
Attended Mundella from 1966 to 1972, have lots of memories, like Headmaster Mr Moody, and then Mr Hodnett, Music- Joe Hallam, Woodwork- Mr Gibbs, Maths- Mr Southgate, French- Miss Savage, Chemistry- Toppo Towewrs, Games & PE- Mick Walker, Geography- Mr Greeensmith, Biology- Chalky White, etc etc Does anyone remember these? I have been trying for years to find a copy of "Running Waters" which we had to sit and write out in Detention, can anyone help please ?
I am now Teaching Information Technology to NVQ students. I would love to hear from old friends again.

Date Posted: 03/13/00 20:56:44 GMT

Name: pat schrot
Homepage: none
Date Posted: 03/13/00 20:51:19 GMT
I left ye olde school in 1954. I worked for a couple of years before marrying and coming to USA. I have lived in Northern California since 1962.
My maiden name was Roebuck and I was in Welbeck. As I recall I wasted a lot of my time instead of taking advantage of what I now realize was an excellent education. But some of it must have stuck because I have never had any problem getting a good job!
I don't remember a lot of the people I went to school with, but I remember the brothers Colin & Brian Bayles because they lived nearby. I remember Pamela Clegg, Shirley Simpson we sang in Barton Hart's choir every year. I still sing Messiah every year before the christmas season. The handsome lads that I remember were Tony Miller & John Blankenship....
My only contact left in Nottingham is also an old Nottingham Girls High School alumni, she was Pat Disney, now Constable.

Name: Richard (Dick) Brown
Homepage: Richard Brown
Date Posted: 03/13/00 19:55:32 GMT
Lived in Lenton area and attended the place from 1958 to 1963. Moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1975 and haved lived here since then. Having spent 30 years in Information Technology, I now have an independent consulting company in partnership with my wife, Ann (nee Edwards) who attended Nottingham Girls High School 1961-1966. I visit Notingham occasionally and do try to keep in touch with old school friends. Good luck with your web page, it is overdue. There are caches of Old M's from Australia and USA who communicate on the 'net but I have found very few from the UK.

Name: Tony Gore
Homepage: Aspen Enteprises Limited - Tony Gore
Date Posted: 02/28/00 09:33:58 GMT
Now living in Somerset running my own consultancy business.

Name: Margaret Astill (nee Dexter)
Homepage: Mundella
Date Posted: 02/20/00 17:35:23 GMT
If you would like to contribute to this web-site please let me know. Photographs, anecdotes, and school history will be welcome. If you would like to contact an old scholar leave a message here or ask me to put your name etc on the Honours Board.

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